First MADRAS-Workshop



The first MADRAS-Workshop took place in presence in Lyon from 09.12 to 16.12.2021 during the Festival of Lights.


Participants: Jakob Cordes, Oscar Dufour, Benoit Gaudou, Tu Dang Huu, Raphael Korbmacher, Alexandre Nicolas, David Rodney, Antoine Tordeux, Nicolas Verstaevel




  • 09-11.12: Video recording of dense pedestrian crowd during the Festival of Lights (2 sessions). See the report.


  • 14.12 morning: WP2: Pedestrian Behavioral Based Models (Oscar Dufour; slides), Physics-Based Models for Pedestrian Dynamics in Dense Crowds (Alexandre Nicolas; slides)


  • 14.12 afternoon: WP1: Predicting pedestrian trajectories using neural networks (Raphael Korbmacher; slides), Models for Understanding versus Models for Prediction (Antoine Tordeux; slides)


  • 15.12 morning: WP5: Pedestrian Plugin (Tu Dang Huu; slides), Introduction to GAMA (Nicolas Verstaevel and Benoit Gaudou; slides)


  • 15.12 afternoon: WP3: Past, Present and Future Works (Jakob Cordes; slides), Presentation of the IAS-7 Institut for Civil Safety (Mohcine Chraibi; slides)


  • 16.12 morning: Final discussion and organisation of the next events