Second MADRAS-Workshop



The second MADRAS-Workshop took place in presence in Toulouse from 08.06 to 10.06.2022.


Participants: Jakob Cordes, Oscar Dufour, Cyril Furtlehner, Benoit Gaudou, Tu Dang Huu, Raphael Korbmacher, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes, Sylvain Lassarre, Antoine Tordeux (see here a picture of the group)



  • 08.06 morning: Training session - GAMA hands on (Benoit Gaudou and Tu Dang Huu; slides
  • 08.06 afternoon: Pedestrian Trajectory Predictions at High-densities: Insights and Comparisons (Raphael Korbmacher and Tu Dang Huu; slides) -  Statistical Physics Methods for Machine Learning and Traffic Forecasting (Cyril Furtlehner; slides)
  • 09.06 morning: Stop and Go Waves of Pedestrians (Oscar Dufour, slides) - OV or VO? Time-Scale in Single-File Motion (Jakob Cordes; slides)
  • 09.06 afternoon: Stability and String Stability of Car-following Models with Reaction-time Delay (Jean-Marc Lasgouttes; slides) - Noise-Induced Breakdown in Vehicular and Pedestrian Single-File Motion (Antoine Tordeux; slides)
  • 10.06 morning: Preparation of the pedestrian data collection during the Festival of Lights 2022 (slides, report)
  • 10.06 afternoon: Final discussion and organisation of the next events