Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon


We have collected data during the Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon from Friday the 8th to Saturday the 10th, December 2022:

  • Videos of the Place des Terreaux on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, collected by our private cameras and publics cameras from the city of Lyon, with different angles and fields of view;
  • Shoulder camera views of the inflows and outflows of Place des Terreaux on Friday;
  • Shoulder camera view of the exit flows on Place des Terreaux on Saturday;
  • Maps of the allowed pedestrian circulation on those evenings and of the obstacles;
  • Wide-angle videos of the Place des Terreaux as well as Place Saint-Jean, collected by the CCTV of the City;
  • Surveys of participants (group size, last visited attraction, next one);
  • Surveys of contacts and pushes felt on Place des Terreaux;
  • About 25 GPS tracks.

Up to 7,000 pedestrian trajectories were collected over areas of up to several hundred square metres, at densities of up to 3 pedestrians per square metre (see the dedicated webpage).

We are currently writing a data paper where the full dataset will be made publicly available - more information will follow soon.

Some of the trajectory data can already be downloaded and visualised at madras-data-app.streamlit.app.