Third MADRAS-Workshop


The third MADRAS-Workshop took place in presence in Wuppertal from 26.06 to 01.07.2023 including the PED23 conference.


Programme of the main workshop day (Monday the 26th of June):

  • 09:00: Multi-Agent modelling of Dense cRowd dynAmicS (MADRAS): Application to the Festival of Lights in Lyon (Benoit Gaudou; Slides)
  • 10:00: Congestion and Pushing at Bottleneck – experimental crossover between social psychology and physics (Armin Seyfried; Slides)
  • 11:30: The effect of dynamic signages on evacuation performance (Yuxin Zhang; Slides)
  • 14:00: Using Time-to-Collision as a continuous error metric to improve pedestrian trajectory predictions (Raphael Korbmacher and Huu-Tu Dang; Slides)
  • 15:00: Noise-induced metastability in single-file motion (Oscar Dufour; Slides)
  • 16:30: Dimensionless Numbers in Crowd Flows reveal an empirical Phase Diagram (Jakob Cordes; Slides)
  • 19:00 Dinner at the restaurant Katzengold! in Wuppertal


Participants: Ahmed Alia, Danil Belikhov, Jakob Cordes, Oscar Dufour, Soufian Estufel, Benoit Gaudou, Tu Dang Huu, Raphael Korbmacher, Thomas Kruse, Isabelle Müller, Alexandre Nicolas, Aboozar Roosta, Armin Seyfried, Rudina Subaih, Antoine Tordeux, Claudia Totzeck, Yuxin Zhang (see here some pictures of the event).


The full programme of the third MADRAS-Workshop is available here.