PED23 Conference


Project members have contributed to the Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2023 Conference (PED23), 27 – 30 June 2023, Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands:

  • Empirical analysis on external factors affecting pedestrian dynamics in high-density situations (Huu-Tu Dang, Benoit Gaudou, Nicolas Verstaevel; Poster)
  • Single-file motion revisited: perspectives from an energy-based model (Oscar Dufour, David Rodney, Alexandre Nicolas; Poster)
  • Scaling Analysis of Crowd Dynamics (Jakob Cordes, Alexandre Nicolas, and Andreas Schadschneider; Slides
  • Using time-to-collision in the loss function of deep learning algorithm to improve pedestrian trajectory predictions (Raphael Korbmacher, Tu Dang-Huu, Antoine Tordeux; Poster)
  • Multi-Agent modelling of Dense cRowd dynAmicS (MADRAS): Application to the Festival of Lights in Lyon (Mohcine Chraibi, Jakob Cordes, Huu-Tu Dang, Oscar Dufour, Benoit Gaudou, Raphael Korbmacher, Alexandre Nicolas, David Rodney, Antoine Tordeux, and Nicolas Verstaevel; Abstract; Slides)